Vertigo by Of Men And Deer

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Vertigo” is a gorgeously colorful release by “Of Men And Deer ”that offers up a smooth, creatively detailed soundscape, alongside of both a compelling new melody and a subsequent vocal that adds further to the evolution and unpredictability of the whole song. Their Music is soft – sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes melancholic. It‘s built around Patrick’s Acoustic Guitar and the lovely voice of singer Laura. The Lyrics are often very personal so that listeners can identify with it. We‘d like to transfer our feelings like fear, happiness and also sadness.  

From the first few moments, Vertigo” presents listeners with the humble sound of an acoustic guitar, accompanied throughout by an equally subtle yet softly warming soundscape. Alongside all of this is the artist’s leading voice, the driving feature expressing these ideas, these lyrics – which are beautifully loyal and open. Her voice has the perfect tone and quality for this type of song. It’s a voice that seems as if it could, if necessary, deliver something almighty in range and depth. You see a little of that here, there’s power in the rise throughout the hook. For the most part though, this particular release focuses on the delicacy of the situation – the home comforts as adored by the girl in question – so a softly passionate and smooth performance is absolutely on point.

From a songwriting perspective, the single is really well arranged – beautifully gentle on the whole, including just enough change as things progress, leading to that final climactic moment before it all comes lovingly to a close. The lyrics offer one-line sentiments and images that work well in line with the rhythm and the uplifting nature of the melody. The whole thing appears before you as a piece of acoustic, melodic poetry. The concept is deeply personal but has been approached in a widely accessible way, which is likely to make it connect with any number of lovers who hear it. The hook, the key line, has just enough of that something special required to leave a lasting effect.

The opening riff has a pleasant delicacy to it that quickly becomes a massive trait of the single. You recognise these moments of musical individuality as much as you do the hook – they are shorter lived, yet repeating enough times to make certain you know the song when it plays. Everything works well within to lay out the ideal foundation upon which Of Men And Deer’s swagger and style can shine brightly. It’s a strong release and it highlights the artist’s musical direction and personality well.

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