Wes Dean Time To Bring Back Peace And Love – Official Lyric Video

Time To Bring Back Peace And Love is a timeless classic with great musicianship and addictive, fulfilling melodic curves and resolutions, introducing an up-and-coming singer on a definite high.

The new single feels like a timeless country rock classic, with flowing Americana guitars and the crisp and inviting sound of live drums.

With appealing melodies, short phrases, and proficient yet approachable vocals, the whole thing sounds truly relatable and fittingly optimistic, prompting the imagination to roam and possibilities to shower down all around.

Wes Dean is a new recording artist with a lifelong background in music. He began playing piano at age six and trumpet, flugelhorn, and French horn in his high school band. In college, he picked up the guitar and has been playing for the last nine years. He only recently decided to share his music with the world. His first release, “Movin’ On,” is a song about life and living without fear. The talented studio artists at Cue Recording added awesome guitar from Buddy Speir, drums from Tyler Schafer, and bass from Holly Montgomery. The result is Movin’ On. Wes Dean hopes that people will be inspired to “not be afraid to live their lives.” 

Time To Bring Back Peace And Love is a great follow-up to Movin’ On. The production is more organic, with live drums and guitars that feel like they’re in the room with you. The songwriter in Wes Dean shines on this track with heartfelt and relatable lyrics about coming together and making the world a better place. The chorus is an earworm with a memorable melody that will stay with you long after the song is over. 

We’re immersed in this organic folk and distorted rock realm of harmony from the start, with familiar patterns and crisp musicianship faultlessly captured and produced; there’s an immediate desire to turn up the volume.

The hook also introduces things, so the depth of sound and vocal layers capture you right away, and you can’t help but stay engaged and linked to the groove from here on out.

The genre-bending aspects come through in the twangy guitars, yet there’s also a real feeling of being at peace and content with life seeping through the cracks.

“Time To Bring Back Peace And Love” is a hopeful, feel-good anthem for these troubled times we’re living in, and it’s clear that Dean is a musician and songwriter with something important to say. This is an artist with a very bright future ahead of him, and we can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next.