Elevate by SpaceBoundOG

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With his fantastic, intimate yet forceful new single “Elevate,” composer, artist, and apparently focused musician SpaceBoundOG delivers a pleasantly unanticipated edge of inventiveness to the hip hop/rap realms.

SpaceBoundOG is an artist from Culiacán Sinaloa raised in Roswell, New Mexico. He got his early influence in music because his older brother showed him music from Tupac Nas, even Chalino Sánchez. If you ask him, Mexican corridos are rap music. Mexico has a story to tell, just like SpaceBoundOG putting his heart, mind, and soul into the music he makes, trying to save the world’s heart from all the corruption, and hoping everyone finds peace.

Catchy rhythms and hooky melodies combine amongst a dreamy wash of production as SpaceBoundOG’s distinctive vocal fry and subtle swagger return for “Elevate.”

Heavy bass and dreamy, ethereal synths combine for a background that draws listeners into SpaceBoundOG’s bold and recognizable rap style.

“Elevate” is an exhilarating piece of music, an anthem of current weight and presence, built on vocal clarity and conceptual storylines that are both enlightening and uplifting.

SpaceBoundOG uses brilliant, compelling, and profoundly moving lines, effective musicianship, and the simple, anthemic appeal of dedicated yet humble performance to bring some much-needed authenticity back to hip hop’s writing and musicality.

The whole thing is delicate, yet it also has an impact and leaves a sense of worthwhile escapism that is easy to get lost in. Hopefully, Roswell, a New Mexico-based musician, will release more songs in the future.

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