Who Will Save Humankind? by The Truth Tale

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The Truth Tale flames the inspirational sound of yesteryear alongside a clearly contemporary, poetic, and melodic edge with “Who Will Save Humankind?” introducing the indie rock fuzz of a more specific period, heavy and mesmerizing, immediately absorbing and welcoming.

John Allen Mitchell, a singer-songwriter, established The Truth Tale, an Indie / Alternative Rock Band Project, in 2011. The musical journey of The Truth Tale has been influenced by a broad spectrum of inspirations and life situations. The trip continues, with more albums and singles on the way.

The Truth Tale awakens a sense of humanity with the delightfully poetic, mesmerizing, and calming tones of an excellently colored “Who Will Save Humankind?,” introducing a gorgeously soulful, immersive, and reverb-kissed domain of indie rock contemplation.

The Truth Tale lays down their identity lyrically and passionately throughout their brand new piece “Who Will Save Humankind?” thanks to softly raspy, expressive, and emotive vocals that are attractive from the start, over a catchy organic indie rock sound with splashes of distortion.

Leading with the richness of Alternative rock – many layers of guitar, bass, and drums providing warmth and vitality that rapidly surrounds and embraces the listener – “Who Will Save Humankind?” weaves in a vocal with a distinct individuality, a catchy and powerful melody, and a captivating plot.

The recording style, which is somewhat archaic in presentation, adds to the nostalgic aspect of the set-up. Weave in brief but rewarding musical work throughout, and we’re transported back to a time when bands were the biggest names on the ticket.

Throughout this composition, The Truth Tale sets the bar without fear and refuses to lower it on behalf of both musicianship and conceptual research. It’s a piece of music worth more than a quick listen, one that provides a little more insight and positivity with each return. If you dare, go in for the innovation and stay for the journey.

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