Hector Ho, Michael J (REC) – Just Fall In Love

The captivating new single “Just Fall In Love” features flawless vocals that meander across a colorful RnB-tinged pop background as the singer and musician Hector Ho becomes honest and intimate with the listeners.

Throughout Hector Ho’s emotional yet energizing “Just Fall In Love,” modern angst and unexpectedly powerful vocal effects blend with the effortless appeal of pop and RnB to create a song that is both intimate and energizing.

When you combine the attributes of modern pop composition with a natural edge of mild hip hop, and RnB and flickers of identity threaded in for an immersive mix, the record comes across like a blast from the past — a summer smash from another time and place. However, it manages to keep things fresh and fascinating at the same time, thanks to melodic vocal phrasings and calm confidence in the overall production and execution.

“Just Fall In Love” is distinctive in its approach to the subject and delivery, but it is firmly entrenched in pop music production and inventiveness. The song evolves consistently throughout the course of its little more than three-minute duration. 

This charming and exciting tune quickly transforms into a tremendous and inspiring hit of escape, complete with a brilliant instrumental breakaway that proves to be a delightful diversion into world-music detail and melody.

Hector Ho’s “Just Fall In Love” is A simple highlight and one that comes as a surprise given the song’s title. This one sheds new light on the artist, striking a chord with audiences because of its openness, fragility, purity, and the presence of a solid artistic thread running through it. 

Brilliant — a fantastic way to spend an evening out and a personal favorite from the Hector Ho catalog.

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