Then Came Fewch by Lil Kent

“Then Came Fewch,” crisp and persistent, effortlessly starts off this new Lil Kent single in breathtakingly confident style: elements of hip hop and rap mashing and combining together to produce something more than the sum of its parts.

Lil Kent has been working hard, releasing single after single to keep the originality and buzz going. “Then Came Fewch” is the latest in a string of releases, and it’s a delightfully expansive and engaging piece of music.

There’s a familiarity to the sound now, and in the meantime, a surprisingly hip hop vibe pervades — melodically and rhythmically appealing, lyrically essential growing into the complex as things proceed.

Following that, the voice takes on a more familiar and distinctively unique form, effectively tipping its hat to today’s hip-hop world.

Nonetheless, the beat keeps things interesting. The melody that washes over you as it goes creates a sense of tranquility and contrasts beautifully with the vocal’s rhythm and assertive attitude.

The rap flow on this release is incredible, especially given that the voice is nearly whispered to you – carefully presented, delicate yet furious; the intensity comes from the pace, the persistent flow, and the resolve to fall short. The track soon assumes its role as an alternative anthem.

When expressing a specific mood, this set-up is remarkable, quiet yet hefty – exciting and laden with intention and all-important aesthetic knowledge. Then there’s the single, which is equally ambient but has a more apparent story to tell and a more freely drifting melody.

A solid and expressive voice fits the story nicely, and the beat has been professionally and effortlessly produced on every occasion. Lil Kent rushes into view with precisely the mood required to make it work, regardless of the topic or energy level.

Worthy production is combined with subtle originality and a clear awareness of today’s hip hop world, as well as the ambient selections that hip hop listeners and profound thinkers tend to connect with.

An effective production enhances the entire performance, especially on the second track—a must-have for authentic, classically inspired hip hop fans. There’s something here to suit every mood.