Where You Are by Solo Sessions featuring Nischka Higginbotham

Classic good vibes in the shape of soft Christian/NeoSoul soundscapes and soulfully meandering vocals – Nischka Higginbotham’s gorgeously hypnotic single “Where You Are” brings up impassioned performances and poetic Earl J. Miller’s captivating music.

Nischka Higginbotham is a preacher from the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Nischka was born and raised in Northwest DC’s downtown. Nischka has had a solid upbringing and grounding in the Lord from her youth through adulthood. Nischka attended and served at New Dimensions Kingdom Ministries, which her parents, Apostles Reginald & Annette Miles, founded. Nischka presently serves as the Senior Pastor of New Dimensions Kingdom Ministries Rebirth in uptown Washington DC, with the support of her parents.

Earl Miller Music is a platform dedicated to Earl Miller’s own music as well as his interpretations of popular cover tunes. He enjoys singing songs with jazz, classical, funk, r&b, folk, fusion, soul, reggae, gospel, and rock tonalities. He also utilizes his show “Solo Sessions” to promote “other” talented and gifted vocalists and musicians.

Nowhere demonstrates their musically and passionately immersing ability more than the beautiful live performance of “Where You Are,” which stylishly combines talent and uplifting, classic sentiments.

The single introduces Nischka Higginbotham with the classic, nostalgic energy of calming Christian/NeoSoul.

The song grows and builds from enticing beginnings through the simple NeoSoul resolution of the melody, bringing in layers of Christian during its nearly nine-minute evolution for a progressively awakened, soulful listen. One of the most approachable and memorable odes to faith in recent years and one of the most distinctive.

The tune isn’t flashy or attention-grabbing, or, to put it another way, it doesn’t include anything phony or unneeded. It just captivates you with its delicate musicality, beautiful production, powerful melodies, soulful honesty, and calming rhythms.

“Where You Are” is an exceptional live visual presentation that exhibits their musically and passionately engrossing skill by skillfully merging skills with motivating classic tunes.

Nischka Higginbotham is an artist at the top of her game, and she is the ideal vocalist for such a timely and sincere hit of the season.