A Kind Thought for Everyone Somewhere by Chrisy Mc Cullagh

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Chrisy Mc Cullagh’s brand new track, “A Kind Thought for Everyone Somewhere,” begins with flawlessly expressive vocals of a gently scratchy character that create an immediately exciting sound.

Christopher Mc Cullagh (Chrisy Mc Cullagh) is an Irish Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Post Production Sound Editor located in New York, Ireland, and Europe. Chrisy has toured North America and Europe for the past ten years, delivering his original music immersed in World Alternative Avant-Garde Music in world-famous music venues as well as intimate pop-up events.

Lyrically balancing metaphor and extraordinary outpouring in a way that meets the natural authenticity and emotion of the voice, “A Kind Thought for Everyone Somewhere” has the makings of a legendary soul classic – feeling like a massive framework but actually remaining purely music and vocal partnership every step of the way.

“A Kind Thought for Everyone Somewhere,” this brand new song, connects for its genuinely human purity. It is boldly gorgeous, transparent, and honest in audio and vocal. Chrisy Mc Cullagh commits totally to the moment, and this authenticity, this daring willingness to be exposed entirely audibly and emotionally, makes all the difference.

Fascinating rhythms pan throughout the composition for a more exotic arrangement that keeps things interesting. Elsewhere, the contrast between the beginning delicacy and the weight and intensity of the last hook works beautifully in influencing the mood of the room and connecting with the listener.

What an incredible performance. Stunning vocals, an absolute character that rekindles the freely expressing emotion of a bygone period, outstanding musicianship, unchanging style, and excellent production. “A Kind Thought for Everyone Somewhere” is a tune to blast loud and get lost in.

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