Anime by J2zz

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 J2zz is one of the magnificent musicians and he has released his latest release “Anime” to all the audience out there with a great and unique vibe. The brief but perfectly representative description offered as to the depth and meaning of this song is matched quite flawlessly by the simple yet beautiful ambiance and expression that pour out as the single plays.

There are some notably gentle moments within the release that create a powerful contrast with the more bold sounding ones. The lyrics are simple yet each one of importance is repeated just enough times to make it really sink in. Anime” is the first to hit hard, the feeling multiplied by the surrounding music. Then the hook, the questioning nature of the lyrics here provoking certain ideas and adding to that mysterious element that the soundscape comes with. The leading vocal is beautifully on point throughout the song, the singer’s range adds a level of appeal that is not always found in hip hop music, and it works well. He is doing his own thing entirely, and the sound shines brightly as a result.

Musically the track is amazing and attractive, beginning with the simplicity of a riff, a mellow beat, and a smooth and mesmerizing leading vocal performance. It soon unfolds to reveal something of a hip hop or lofi  sound. The free-flowing, effortless vocal style, the calmness soaked in feeling. As leading vocals go, the sound is undeniably pure and real – the song comes from a place of experience and consideration, and this you can tell.

 J2zz’s feature on the track offers an alternative perspective, a change in character – the vibe is maintained and both vocalists work well within this musical setting. The song’s hook is the key thing to take away from the piece – the melody, the slow delivery of the words; one by one, directing this call for help, this desperation, straight into your heart. The honesty is intense, but the music is so smooth and mellow; the contrast is powerful. If at first it seems easy to listen to, simply enjoyable, the depth of the lyricism and the subtle emotion in the leading artist’s voice soon call for you to relate far more profoundly with the song. Depth isn’t all that common in modern music, so when you find it, it’s well worth tuning in. Just Will has something fresh to offer.

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