Cash Out by Jay Valentino

Cash Out by Tampa’s self-produced rapper Jay Valentino is both exactly what you’d expect it to be. On this track, Jay Valentino lets his lyricism and passion run wild, giving off a freestyle sound at first before blooming into this rhythmic and mesmerizing spiral of lines and moments.

The hook of the track is what gets things started on this release; the concept comes into focus later on, but this melodic, vocal moment has a lot of impact on its listeners. The song’s opening riff is effective and contributes significantly to the essential hip hop/rap vibe of the tune — it creates a somewhat creepy atmosphere while also serving as a distinguishing feature that allows you to recognize the track immediately.

Musically, the entire single conveys a generally optimistic and upbeat set of feelings. There’s a lot to take in and appreciate lyrically in this song. Throughout the verse, the balance between tale-telling and personal reflection is boldly maintained, making the song both approachable and honest — you may relate to it, or you can escape to it.

Finally, when it comes to the writing, Jay Valentino doesn’t hold back. The lyrics emerge as genuine thoughts and experiences, offered authentically and believably. The type of music that means something to the artist first and foremost, making it all the more poignant for those who witness it.

Jay Valentino is an artist who, by all accounts, appears to be untouched by what is going on in the music industry or the rest of the industry surrounding him. This means that his music and artistry come through nearly completely unedited – a perfect depiction of whatever was originally in his head or heart at the time of recording. 

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