Christmas Time Is Here by Kings of Carlisle

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Christmas songs have a tendency of invading our holidays with a gloopy side-order of nostalgia and hackneyed cliches. It’s long past due for some new blood in that department, and so – here we have Kings of Carlisle’s Christmas Time Is Here.

Christmas Time is Here is much of a warming up to get you ready for the festive season with a mellow music tone, not too cheery yet not too dull.

Russell Leedy aka Kings of Carlisle is a seasoned singer, songwriter, and producer who writes songs in a variety of musical genres such as rock, soul, jazz, gospel, and country. His initial recordings were made in California. Canyon Crest Records produced him and directed the release of four songs.

Russell then went and lived in Miami, Florida for more than ten years. He created a band and played in a number of Miami venues. Russell returned to his native state of Pennsylvania and resumed his musical career. He has spent several years performing in bars and entertainment venues throughout Pennsylvania.

Kings of Carlisle, or K O C, was created in 2018 with the late musician and Russell’s best friend Keith. The two had wanted to continue the project together after publishing and releasing three tracks across various platforms. Russell will carry on the dream for both of them by releasing new music for the next five years. Russell Leedy wrote, produced, and performed all of the songs, and each one is unique.

Russel’s vocals sound beautiful with a raspy and intimate vocal and a mellow yet musically captivating tune- The delivery makes it feel like a live performance in the room, engaging and real.

Russel’s inherent skill shows with remarkable brightness thanks to the superb writing and arrangement of this melodically captivating new Christmas single, proving him to be a perfect and impressively passionate vocalist and performer.

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