City of Hate by Jim Ittenbach and Troubled Spirit

Troubled Spirit is back with a bang for their latest single for City of Hate. City of Hate is a song about life in the city. It was inspired by observations of life in the projects in Baltimore. It features the usual level of lyrical content and musicianship you’ve come to expect from Jim Ittenbach and Troubled Spirit and also included a rap section by guest Artist Kilo. Troubled Spirit is based in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. The band is led by singer/songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and flutist Jim Ittenbach.

The way the track opens up is a big part of what grabs your attention. The tunes have a distant and dreamlike feel to them, and what follows is more and more of that reflective and dreamlike essence that reinforces the genuine honesty and emotion that these musicians craft their tracks with. The sharp, rock-infused edge alongside all of this creates a striking contrast. Furthermore, the hook is a stunner – it uses a fairly simple yet effective melody, and the leading vocal presenting it utilizes every ounce of passion and power to reinforce the height of the rising energy. The instrumentation, too; everything surrounding these crucial moments adds weight to the final effect.

The track is great, you can turn it up loud and completely fall into the experience with no concern for anything else. Structurally the Jim Ittenbach and Troubled Spirit have put an incredible amount of thought into how things will grow, how each moment will evolve into the next, and it’s brilliantly effective. The song is notably melodic, with an unforgettable hook, and there is enough of that heavy intensity to keep the energy high, yet also plenty of that softer, more revealing side to the music – those moments in which you get a little closer to the story, and you hear a little more of those vocal intricacies that are so unique to Troubled Spirit.