Either Way by P.G.L.U

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P.G.L.U’s latest Hip Hop/ Rap crossover, “Either Way,” features simple soundscapes and mesmerizing vocal rhythms that bring clarity and character into the present hip-hop scene.

P.G.L.U is a rising artist based in Chicago, Illinois. P.G.L.U was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States when he was seven years old. He has collaborated as an artist with Malik Sosho of The Future Kingz and Hollow Brooks of 90 Day Fiancé.

He is a rising musician with several projects set to release in 2022, including a single featuring Kuniva from Detroit/group Eminem’s D-12 and other essential artists in the game. P.G.L.U is a newcomer to the music world, having only begun producing music in 2018. His most famous song on YouTube, with 35K+ views, is named “Boss Moves ft. Malik Sosho.”

“Either Way” is an excellent production, innovative and expansive, full of character, and building on the catchy rhythm of the hook to create an even more distinctive personality.

The single begins with a classic hip-hop backdrop, with layers of vocals and a warm beat intertwining to keep things flowing.

Meanwhile, P.G.L.U’s voice is clearly and prominently positioned in the mix. This makes the performance feel more authentic, as it is not hidden behind effects or relying on anything other than the story and delivery to grab attention.

The vocal element injects a little more energy and volume for dynamics throughout the flow, with voice clarity and a relatively laid-back tone helping to keep individuality at the forefront. The characters’ interactions are well-balanced.

“Either Way” effectively connects the artist to his audience. Beautiful production and quicker bars delve deep into the story and context. The lyrics are brilliant, intellectual, and razor-sharp, to the point where a single listen is insufficient.

“Either Way” is undoubtedly one of the hip hop artist’s most memorable and catchy tunes – and it happens in a gentle, nostalgic way; not obtrusive, but a delight to submit to.

Listen again, take in more details, and appreciate the expertise and depth of the exhibit even more.

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