Epifania by Fernando Mora

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Fernando Mora provides a catchy piece of soulful music, “Epifania,” with a hefty rhythm and overall style that keeps a strong sense of identity at the forefront, offering a surprisingly soulful and smooth take on contemporary RnB.

The drummer from Kill Your Darling and bassist from Ascending From The Void. This is an R&B proposal that will cover different influential music genres in the upcoming album “Integridad.” This is a Costa Rican solo project where he sings, plays the bass, keyboards, and drums.

“Epifania” is definitely inventive, beginning with a big-band, almost theatrical build-up as the melody builds, breaking the norms and introducing the Fernando Mora sound with authenticity and a carefree yet passionate commitment to the occasion.

The performance is focused, but it also plainly shows an artist lost in the moment, in his environment. This creates an atmosphere of embrace that quickly overpowers any unique structural features.

“Epifania,” which clocks in at little over three minutes, is divided into sections, each of which offers a new melody, a different weight in terms of the richness of the arrangement, and enough flexibility to pique the curiosity of a live audience.

“Epifania” strives hard to reinvigorate the spirit of modern RnB while adding a clearly inspiring edge of reality; it’s melodically engaging, gorgeously uplifting, and discreetly captivating.

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