Every Moment by Kings of Carlisle

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Pensylvannia’s Kings of Carlisle lay down their identity; lyrically and passionately throughout their brand new song “Every Moment,” thanks to softly raspy, expressive, and dynamic vocals, appealing from the start, amid a captivating folk kissed organic Rock mood with splashes of distortion.

Russell Leedy is a multi-genre singer, songwriter, and producer who writes songs in rock, soul, jazz, gospel, and country. His first recordings were done in the state of California. He was produced by Canyon Crest Records, which also directed the publication of four songs. Russell then spent nearly ten years in Miami, Florida, traveling and living. He formed a band and performed at several Miami venues.

The band Kings of Carlisle, or ‘K O C,’ was formed in 2018 with Russell’s best friend and late musician Keith. After publishing and distributing three tracks across multiple platforms, the two wanted to continue the project together.

Russell will keep the dream alive for both of them for the next five years by releasing new music. All of the songs were written, formed, and performed by Russell Leedy, and each one is unique. ‘K O C’ strives to motivate all fans and aspiring artists to reach their best potential. Find something you enjoy doing and put forth the effort to enhance your abilities.

Kings of Carlisle provides a distinctive piece of powerful music, with engaging guitars, rhythmic piano, and the crash of live drums backing up a broadly accessible, familiar, and heartfelt vocal style.

“Every Moment” begins in a fast, profound anthemic fashion, and Kings of Carlisle’s sound has nostalgic familiarity but modern layering.

Gentle yet distinct vocals gently instruct in a confident manner. Meanwhile, the music is edgy yet peaceful, focusing your attention on the quiet, relatable contemplation of the lyrics while gradually enveloping you.

Once again, beautiful music that is hugely affecting. Kings of Carlisle continually achieve classic traits such as timeless writing and raw presentation.

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