Exotic by Jody Lo

Jody Lo is an artist with a distinct sense of style and self-assurance, allowing him to carry the weight of his single “Exotic” honestly.

Jody Lo was born JEAUDI GRAY on August 6th in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. When he was eight years old, he fell in love with hip-hop after hearing Ludacris’ Back For the First Time. After a few listens to the record, he began writing his own songs. 

Jody Lo released the hustle & flow mixtape, Substance, substance 1.5, and Sack Religion for the first time at 21 years old, after practicing composing and reciting for more than ten years. He also featured on Dj Smallz Eyes in a 27-minute interview.

The track’s beat has a slightly different feel to it; the high end of the soundscape and the lightness of the drumline, as well as the tripped-up style of the rhythm, create a backdrop that floats in a pretty upbeat fashion behind the tone and thickness of the artist’s leading vocal.

It’s not easy to create a tune that stands out in a crowded field of competition in the music industry. “Exotic” immediately draws your attention with its captivating introduction. The lead singer’s voice has a distinct and unique tone, and the track’s flow is excellent, becoming increasingly remarkable as it proceeds.

Jody Lo’s sound and style rapidly become recognizable, from the production approach – the positioning of the fast vocal lines so distinctly within the mix, the unique beat – to the flow and unpredictable rhythm portrayed within the rap passages. You get something with many personalities, which is essential when it comes to making memorable or captivating music these days.

Jody Lo’s music combines a little of what is well-known or influential in hip hop music and fuses it with his own take on expressiveness and performance. 

Certain sections of the verses flow incredibly beautifully, and, as previously noted, the genuine emotion that is the song’s underlying essence is noticeable throughout. 

The song has the potential to be quite powerful. Perhaps the passion would be amplified in a live situation.

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