Fly Away by Jim Ittenbach and Troubled Spirit

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Based in Washington, DC, Troubled Spirit has created a timeless and energetic new track with their most recent offering. “Fly Away,” a powerful song that beautifully utilizes contrast, pours through that outstanding balance between impassioned melodic delivery and total distortion and grit and is a powerful song that perfectly exploits contrast.

Troubled Spirit is a Baltimore/Washington DC-based original rock band led by singer/songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and flutist Jim Ittenbach on vocals, flute, and guitar. Over time, the band evolved into a progressive rock band with influences ranging from Jethro Tull to Led Zeppelin to Tom Petty. Jim Ittenbach’s songwriting and entertainment abilities are on display in the band’s live shows, which are constantly fresh and thrilling.

Fly Away is a song about Persephone’s transition from youth to old age and preparation for the next life. It was inspired by the author’s observations of everyday life. It contains the usual degree of lyrical content and musicianship that Jim Ittenbach and Troubled Spirit have been known for, and it takes you on a musical trip through life.

There’s an immediate sense of familiarity to the distorted guitars, power chords, bass drumming, and enormous flute solos, as well as that lead singer’s raspy strength and soul, in this dynamic and thrilling “Fly Away.”

Troubled Spirit stands out as a band that was destined to perform in this manner. When you combine that with their very insightful, imagery-laden songwriting, the result is a sound and style that is both refreshing and intriguing.

With a run-time barely past the six-and-a-half-minute mark, “Fly Away” is a song that begs you to play it on repeat. That intense intro is superb. The space and rasp presented in the performance pave the way awesomely towards the song’s full-throttle vibrancy and unexpected warmth. 

The band on the show, reminding us of the live scenes we’ve missed, and this works in favor of “Fly Away” being a resolutely unforgettable piece of music.

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