G.O.A.T by Chilldren of Indigo

The band, Children of Indigo is back in the scene with a hard-hitting Smash, “G.O.A.T,” that cannot be limited to a specific genre offering more like a hip hop feel.

Children of Indigo started in 2014 as a home studio project created by wordsmith Jo Indigo and Jay Indigo’s mechanical wizardry. Children’s backbeat was developed in 2016. Following the departure of many rhythm players.

Children stands out for their ability to fluidly integrate genres with a broad spectrum of sound influences ranging from soul to punk.

Indigo’s bread and butter are conscious words and psychedelic noises, but the group’s mainstay is their marriage of vintage moods with modern sounds. This self-proclaimed genre-bending machine is on a mission to deliver the rock revolution to your city for the foreseeable future.

The opening moments feature a distinctive calm orchestral line that pays homage to the genre’s legends by providing an alternative melody to lead rather than a beat.

On top of that, there’s the affected vocal hook, which features a sequence of short lines that are immediately relatable to today’s quick vocal sound. It’s a decent presentation, but the verse comes in at an inopportune time, the point at which things get a lot more inventive.

On top of the music, the main singer’s voice has a great personality – his tone, his laid-back delivery style, and even his lyrics all point to an obvious love for entertaining and crafting bars that are meant to entertain.

Once you’ve heard the hook a few times, it’s highly addictive and memorable. However, it accomplishes this without resorting to anything obnoxious or invasive, as is sometimes the case with hip hop.

The different perspective works well, and the rather laid-back, chilled-out vibe combined with a slightly darker chord progression works hard to provide the ideal soundtrack for those early evening or late-night moments.

“G.O.A.T” is distinctly accomplished, and I imagine the vocal sessions alone must have taken a long time to write and organize. There’s a professional finish to the whole thing.