How Lucky I Am by Jim Ittenbach and Troubled Spirit

“How Lucky I Am” is a heartfelt and dynamic love song that spans from acoustic to driving and emotive Electric guitar. Jim Ittenbach and Troubled Spirit are back with a big smash.

TroubledSpiritband is an original classic/progressive rock band fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist/flutist Jim Ittenbach. While Troubled Spirit is sometimes more of a musical family featuring dozens of talented musicians, the current live lineup consists of Jim Ittenbach: Vocals, Flute, Guitar Richard Earle: Vocals, Lead Guitar Trevor Burdick: Vocals, Drums Pete Czechov: Vocals, Bass.

“How Lucky I Am,” as the song is appropriately titled, freely praises everything that classic rock music was and should always be. Characterful and energetic voices, catchy riffs, crashing drums, and a distinct sense of peace and harmony among band members.

Then there are the riffs, which are a whirlwind of power chords, rhythm, and melody. There is also that vocal, which was made to be heard and is inexorably related to the lyrics and level of intensity. 

Then there’s the song itself, with its structure and build-up, which combines classic rock elements with a chorus of vocalists who cascade around you for the massive finish.

This composition is continuously elevated by brilliant songwriting. Not only the vocal lines but also the riffing and framework of each song. This trait is highlighted in the song “How Lucky I Am,” which was an instant smash. 

The voice is instantly recognizable, as is the band’s personality – the way the music builds, with various levels of color, energy, and rhythm, contemplative lyrics, and timeless refrains. One of their early highlights, but there are plenty more to select from in their collection.

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