Know That You’re Loved by Jazzgroupiez

The unmistakable sound of Jazzgroupiez takes on a smooth new ambient realm of jazz-kissed rhythm and warmth for the hypnotic sonic hug that is “Know That You’re Loved,” a newly released brand new original song.

Todd Moultrie, a Beaumont, Texas native, founded in 2013 as a fan site to link musicians with a global fanbase and to feed his passion for Black American music, notably jazz, R&B, soul, blues, and hip hop. In 2017, he published his debut millinaissance as Jazzgroupiez, and he has since released a number of EPs and singles on digital and vinyl. 

Todd’s music has been included in the Hot House Jazz Guide, Chicago Jazz Magazine, and on a Times Square billboard. He has worked with Saul Madiope, Farnell Newton, Johnny Long II, Nolo, friDAY, Stephen Richard, Master P, Tino Martinez, Nyota Parker, Mr. Collipark, Killa Kyleon, and Big Pokey on recordings. In 2020, his EPs Evolve, and Crossover debuted at the top of the Apple Music Top 200 in South Africa, and he is now licensing music from Jazzgroupiez to HBO’s “In Treatment.”

Texas’ Jazzgroupiez presents a fascinating and ambient new piece of music fueled by fascination and showcases the very best in sound design and unfettered playing. 

“Know That You’re Loved” is the artist’s latest work, and he is attempting to paint a vivid picture of it for his audience by illuminating the imagination with intricate, reflective pieces and layers of sounds.

Intensely engaging initially but gradually coming to connect with a much more prominent creative musicality as the piece progresses, the composition is characterized by flawless playing, stylish and emotional expression, caught in the moment, and professionally prepared to keep things audience-aware.

Excellent demonstration of versatility while remaining consistent with the composition’s mood — even with the tempo changes, stops, and starts, the core intensity, and color keep you engaged. 

Jazzgroupiez manages to impress while also providing perfect escapism in a single controlled and relaxing sweep. An artist at heart and a project worth immersing yourself in.