Miles and Miles by Kings of Carlisle

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It’s a beautiful quote to open with and a powerfully relevant way to introduce the wonderful artist that is Kings of Carlisle. Miles and Miles” is a hugely unique and refreshing song to all the audience out there with a unique yet great vibe all over the track. What at first emerges as a soft-natured pop soundscape with a gentle rock backdrop, soon erupts into a full-on amazing and soul-driven musical escapade, complete with a sensational vibe as well.

Kings of Carlisle’s singing voice is beautiful, mellow, and genuine, effortless even in its reach and ability to express every single moment throughout this release. The concept of the track is powerful, and the fact that this initial offering holds such authenticity and professionalism all at once means the project in its entirety is likely to be more than worth a download.

The track begins as a dreamlike, rock soundscape collective with a dash of the guitar. The beat is muffled and distant, soon evolving into something much more crisp and cool, and all the while this ambient wave of sound flows out and around you, seemingly from every corner of the room. There are some sublime moments of detail within the mix that really draw your focus in varying directions. Structurally, this evolution is consistent and ever interesting, though for the purpose of maintaining the mood, the sentiment of the song; there are one or two threads that remain intact – carrying the essence of the piece and keeping you contained within this particular world of expression, however vast it becomes.

The song’s intro is gorgeous and mind-blowing, the simple, organic rhythm, the inspired guitar riffs, and of course the very first few graceful notes from the singer himself. The development of the track is the sort that brings uplifting energy into the room, motivating you, prompting hopefulness and a positive attitude – looking towards the bright side of life in general.

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