Promise Ring by Sheenique B

Introducing a beautifully artistic, refreshingly interesting take on contemporary pop and visual imagery – On The Rise offers musical impact and emotional undertones united in one passionate, powerful single “Promise Ring” by Sheenique B.

This upcoming artist Sheenique is a new singer-songwriter from Toronto Ontario. She always wanted to dive into the depths of music with her own passion from her childhood but never had the opportunity to. She has so many real stories to tell about her experiences with love, her life, and growing up through her songwriting. She just came out with a single called 2 years about a relationship she went through with a girl and is currently working towards an Ep. She is 24 years old and is in school for child and youth care, and wants to eventually do Art therapy and involve music in her future career. Sheenique wants to help heal people and her fans through her music because she knows it’s hard to be understood. Ride the waves of emotions with Sheenique and enjoy this journey with her.

“Promise Ring” is an amazing song which tells about true love. This whole thing is simple, nice and it is easy to listen to with an open heart for sure. The track feels like a freestyle in some ways, the artist displaying vulnerability and intimacy, a sense of love and longing that’s refreshing to listen to. There’s also plenty of character to the voice, a recognizable degree of identity as well.

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