Show Me the Light by Kings of Carlisle

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Russell Leedy of Kings of Carlisle’s infectious new track “Show Me the Light” features faultless vocals meandering across a vibrant pop atmosphere as the singer and artist become honest and intimate with the listeners.

In addition to singing and writing songs, Russell Leedy produces music in several genres, including rock, jazz, gospel, and country. Pennsylvania -born, he began recording in Canyon Crest Records created him, and he recorded four tracks. Russell spent nearly a decade in Miami, Florida. 

His band played in several Miami bars. Russell returned to Pennsylvania and kept playing music. He spent several years performing in Pennsylvania clubs and entertainment venues. Kings of Carlisle was created in 2018 with late musician and Russell’s best buddy Keith. 

They collaborated on three songs across all platforms and intended to continue working together. Russell will keep their dream alive by releasing new songs for the next 5 years. Russell Leedy wrote, produced, and performed all songs on this album.

Moreover, Russell Leedy’s voice has a lot of character, as evidenced by the tone of his voice, his relaxed delivery style, and even his lyrics, which all point to an evident passion for performing and composing bars that are meant to entertain. 

“Show Me the Light” is an upbeat pop anthem for the people who love it. It starts out with an optimistic bounce and a mellow type of calm confidence, which fits Russell Leedy’s chilled-out pop vocal style nicely.

Show Me the Light” shines brilliantly with approachable yet private and honest features, thanks to Russell Leedy’s writing style, as well as the song’s overall arrangement and delivery.

Although the song has a solid mainstream appeal that is relatively ageless in nature, Russell Leedy’s breathy vocals provide a distinct feeling of identity that is immediately distinguishable alongside this.

When it comes to the creative pop world, Russell Leedy continues to shake things up, and this song marks an impressive return to the forefront – while also serving as a pretty timeless go-to for any time those solitude blues start to creep in.

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