So Good by Melody Hadebe

Southeast London’s Melody Hadebe smashes with exquisite impact as this brand new, creatively surprising and soulful new alternative Neo-Soul tracks emerge. Both pieces are Impressive, personal and contagious. Songwriting meets with great production and gloriously passionate, emotive performances throughout this engrossing new composition.

Melody Hadebe is a Peckham, Southeast London-based English R&B singer-songwriter. Her father is a poet and songwriter from Zimbabwe, and her mother is a painter and storyteller from the United Kingdom. There’s no doubt that she combines the best qualities of both of her parents, which makes her attractive.

Hadebe has amassed a devoted fan base since she began working with the producer ENZ, and her signing with the Rapture Records label only added to her success. She started playing the guitar at the age of sixteen and self-taught herself music. Melody grew up listening to artists such as Macy Gray, Christina Aguilera, Anita Baker, and Luther Vandross.

Melody Hadebe’s brand new tune, first and foremost single released under Rapture Records Label, “So Good”, includes soothing vibrations and soulful vocals that glide through the speakers in waves of warmth. The song floats on a laid-back tone which is followed by supporting vocal fragments in the outer layers together with catchy flickers of an electric drum.

A laid-back groove that isn’t in a hurry to get things done, a song that thoroughly enjoys the moment and praises this concept in the process. Melody Hadebe delivers some beautiful vocals in a traditional alternative RnB style that pays homage to the greats of the past.

Right after this, the other version of “So Good”follows, which works as a duet. In this piece, the duo Melody Hadebe and Riddz take things to another realm. While it immediately injects a fluid rhythm and sense of clear optimism and confidence, you can still instantly distinguish the sound and style as being Perfect Neo-Soul.

It’s an uncommon and admirable trait when a partnership carries those strands, that level of personality, through multiple domains of the song. It allows this piece to be enjoyably alternative while still allowing the music to stand tall in its own artistic right, underlining a somewhat varied flow.

Both soundtracks are unquestionably polished, intriguing, and multi-layered. The track’s underlying mood and tone are wonderfully complemented by the lyrics, literary remarks, winding phrases, and contrasting shorter references. However, the music may benefit from some more filling tones, such as harmonic background synths.

On the other hand, the two versions of “So Good” are outstanding, with an Alternative RNB arrangement and Melody Hadebe and Riddz’s exquisite soul vocal delivery.