You can safely ignore the arts and science- They never helped anybody by Szmt

Big beats and a gloriously nostalgic embrace of melodic synths and various layers of color – Szmt’s immensely infectious song reintroduces the EDM weight and warmth of a more specific period.

Hailing from the heart of Europe, Szmt has been working in the field of electronic music since 1989. Central to Szmt’s work is discovering hidden connections and relationships and the resolution of apparent contradictions.

Over eight minutes of composition builds down a dreamily ambient arrangement – warming synths and euphoric yet tragic melodic connotations from the development – pave the way slowly but steadily.

Classic dance rhythms and strong bass collide with that experimental creative edge for a wholly immersive and surprisingly emotive new release.

It’s appealing for its increasing level of energy, and it’s even better for its multi-layered ambiance and a never-ending, dreamy array of synth, fragments, and rhythm.

The key lies in the piece’s shifting energy, the rhythms that emerge, and the character and movement fragments that infuse a precise factory-style heartbeat into the core of the arrangement.

The track expands into multi-layered realms as the intensity builds, gaining richness and more finely-tuned production quality. As a result, the tune becomes even more encompassing and all-consuming as it progresses.

Szmt’s latest composition is superb and a new take on progressive electronic dance music with a world-inspired edge that maintains familiar and emotionally engaging things.

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